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Transform your business with holistic, conscious and impact driven mindful strategy.

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Introducing the Science and Art of Mindful Marketing and Conscious Business for Today's World

Now more than ever, businesses are required to find a deeper and meaningful relationship with their customers. How do we truly acheive that and at the same time create a better future for the world?

The answer lies within our consciousness. Your business is not a separate entity. It is an extension of you. We help you truly discover that and transform your challenges into opportunities and precious potential into sustainable & positive impact

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Conscious Marketing for Evolved Living

Empowering individuals and businesses with holistic, empathy and performance driven strategy to reach their goals while creating positive change and impact for a better world.

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You want to develop, transform and change as Leader, Team, Business and Organization?

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Conscious Business Consulting

Truly build thoughtful leadership and organizational excellence so that every individual is aligned with the greater purpose and mission.

Brands that Matter

Crafting a brand strategy that truly reflects you and resonates with your people.

Mindful Marketing Strategy

Creating humane and result driven marketing strategy for your business.

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your business

Does your brand change the world?

Demystify marketing blockers so strategies make sense for your purpose-driven work. Discover Marketing that truly makes a difference.

Craft New Possibilites

Upgrade Consciousness

Making a difference

We deliver best services

Ensuring your marketing activities are aligned with your higher purpose – the WHY behind what you do. Build something so fundamentally good and compelling right into the heart of your offering that people simply want to buy from you.

End to End Marketing & Digital Transformation

Branding & CX Experience

Funnels, Automations & Systems

Research & Community Building

Company Culture & Leadership

Sound Meditation & Employee Wellness

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About Advait

A conscious business consultant, mindful marketer, metaverse strategist, spiritual catalyst, sound alchemist, and a visionary, Advait Danke is on a mission to empower individuals and businesses with holistic, empathy and performance driven strategy to reach their goals while creating positive change and impact for a better world through the tactics of mindful marketing and conscious business activities which are aligned with the higher purpose. His vision is to create brands that matter.

Having more than 5+ years of experience working with businesses and brands with 6-figure annual ad budgets, he uses on-the-pulse market strategy, the latest digital technology and proven business methods to help brands grow.

On the other side of things, he is one of the leading experts in spirituality, sound therapy and meditation. He has inspired thousands of people around the world with his talks and seminars conducted on self-realization & natural harmonic living. His cutting-edge research on sound, frequencies & vibrational technology derived from ancient roots has enabled him to create a conducive environment and a methodological process to evolve and transform one’s body-mind & consciousness with sound and music. Due to his wide range of experience, he speaks on a variety of subjects, ranging from spirituality, meditation, music, business & technology.

Honored as Doctorate in Humanity based on his contribution on spreading Peace,

Healing & Awareness for Yogic Sciences & Sound Therapy around the World.


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